We grow 50 different vegetables and herbs.  Seasonal conditions favor different crops; a cool summer would favor more lettuce and broccoli, while a hot one would produce more eggplant and tomatoes.  Since we grow so many varieties including many herilooms, the risk of crop failure is very low.

Neu Erth Wormfarm


About 80% of a farm's non-labor expenses are upfront costs and a significant amount of labor occurs before the first radish is harvested.  We take full payment upfront as well as a commitment from shareholders so we know what quantities to grow.  If paying the full amount in advance is a burden, you may write two checks with the second post dated to August 1st and we will deposit it then.


How Does CSA Work?


​CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a great way to connect eaters directly to the source of their food.  By purchasing a share of the harvest you are ensured the freshest, highest quality produce and will keep those dollars within your community.  By supporting farmers who use sustainable practices, CSA contributes to the health of the family, the environment, and the community.


What If the Crops Fail?

Check back throughout the season for news and information!

If you're ready to sign up, click the link below and print off the brochure.  

Sign Up by April 15th and receive a Mid-May box that may include early season items like:

CSA subscribers (shareholders) pay in advance for a weekly share of the freshest produce during a Wisconsin growing season.  For 20 weeks beginning in mid-June, members receive a box containing 5-10 items reflecting that weeks harvest.

All produce is grown without use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  You will get familiar vegetables like tomatoes, corn, and squash; as well as less familiar ones like box choi, arugula, and fennel.  It helps to have spirit of adventure and an interest in new discoveries.

Maple Syrup

Upfront Support?

What Is CSA?


Welcome to the 2019 Harvest Season!