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​​​​Neu Erth Wormfarm

Beginning in 2015 Wisconsin Home Harvest will operate under its original name Neu Erth Wormfarm.

Wisconsin Home Harvest was established in 2004 in an effort to strengthen the local food movement in Sauk County by aggregating the produce of local farms in order to gain access to larger markets like stores & restaurants. In 2007 it began supplying a CSA that had previously been known as the Neu Erth Wormfarm that has marketed sustainably-raised produce through Community Supported Agriculture since 1995.  

In 2006, Jay Salinas of Wormfarm accepted an opportunity to work for Will Allen's Growing Power, the internationally known urban farming organization moving Jay to Milwaukee for several years.

He returned in 2010 and has been rebuilding Wormfarm’s capacity to grow and manage CSA production, while still utilizing the multi-farm model that reduces risk and increases diversity for a shareholder.

NeuErth Wormfarm will continue to work with our partners at Hidden Valley Mushrooms and Pleasant Valley Farm. Shareholders will still receive regular deliveries or organic mushrooms, be able to purchase an egg share and get occasional artisinal products from our network of friends.