Neu Erth Wormfarm was established in 1995 as one of the first CSA farms in Sauk County.  At the beginning our shareholders were mostly in Chicago where their connection to the source of their food and knowledge of how it was grown was more remote.  Over time, with increased awareness and demand, we now grow solely for Sauk County and are a part of the evolving agricultural economy that values how food is grown, how far it travels, and how it can form stronger links to a more sustainable food system and healthier local economy.

‚ÄčIn its commitment to sustainability, Neu Erth Wormfarm works closely with its sister organization, the non-profit Wormfarm Institute.  The Institute grew out of the realization that true sustainability is about thriving not just surviving and the key to this, we belive is by integrating culture and agriculture.

Although they are separate organizations, they share founders, a philosophy, and occasionally programming.  Both organizations operate with the realization that food and farming a critical and often undervalued so work to elevate the awareness and the status of those who work to produce our food.